Drop the Baggage With the Help of the New Moon in Pisces

By Brittany Binowski

On March 6, 2019

In Astrology

Drop the Baggage With the Help of the New Moon in Pisces

The new moon in Pisces occurs March 6, 2019 at 8:04 a.m. PT., and is here to help you overcome old or limiting belief systems, to let go of past situations that may have been hard for you, and adjust your internal perspective to something that is more beneficial.

Mercury retrograde, at the last degree of Pisces, begins around the same time as this new moon (it starts just the day before) and could bring up some difficult conversations, situations, and feelings from your past, but only so you can finally understand them, confront them, and overcome them, once and for all.

As a result, you might find better ways to cope with, or even forget, the bad things that have happened to you the past few years, and ultimately, take your power back.

You may have seen relationships and money improve over the past few months, and you may find yourself feeling more comfortable with where your life is going. It may feel easier to start making plans and make progress towards goals that are important to you, even if the direction your life is going in now, takes an unusual turn.

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With Chiron now in Aries and Uranus in Taurus, things in your life are about to change in a big way, helping you feel like a different person, living a better life, with more of a grip on what needs need to be met, next. This new moon will help you to realize just how far you have come and can go, if only you drop the baggage of the past first.


The past is no longer your worst enemy. Instead, it is your best friend, helping you to see just how far you have come and how much potential you actually do have. That is because all those bad or difficult things that happened to you in the past have gotten you to where you are right now. And right now it is all starting to look pretty good!


You no longer want to feel held back, living a life that no longer resonates with you. The good news is that you don’t have to! It is time to embrace some new goals and dreams for your life—and some new friends to boot. It may require you to adjust a few things, or make some new long-term investments, but I think it will be worth it.


Say goodbye to an old career for good! Your life is now going in a new direction that is way better for you than the old one. Work with your relationships in new and different ways in order to help you settle into this new reality. New people may also be there to help you just when you need them the most.

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Have you felt stuck lately, like you have been jogging in place? Now, it is time to break free! New adventures are calling your name—a new location, a new course of study, or even a new belief system. Allow yourself to experience something that is foreign to you, and then make it all your own! Don’t be afraid to adjust your job or daily routines accordingly.


Kiss an old financial situation goodbye! It is time to organize, use, and make money in different ways. It is also time to welcome new or different relationships into your life that are more meaningful to you. This is good, but it may require you to make some finite changes like pay off some old debts or rearrange some old relationships before the happiness can truly come.


Relationships as you once knew them are over. You are now associating with, or need to associate with, different people than ever before, and in different ways. This may require you to move or adjust your home. It could feel scary, but it will help you to expand your idea of yourself and feel better emotionally. Just don’t let any old habits or people that aren’t good for you creep back in.


Leave an old job or set of daily routines behind—and don’t look back! Your days are about to be filled with other tasks that you actually like better and can put your soul at ease. Don’t be afraid to communicate about those adjustments in the process and let everyone else in on what is going on with you. Your words could be just what you need to attract more luck and success.


It is time to let love in, have more fun, and re-set the scores on some of your creative projects. No more hiding in the shadows the way you might have in the past. It is time to come out of your shell and show people what you are made of and what you enjoy. That, in turn, can then help you to make more money or be more confident with what you are working on.


You are not in Kansas anymore. Instead, you have been taken very far away from home, and we’re not necessarily talking about a physical home. It could be an emotional state of home as well. You may now see yourself as an entirely different person, living in a different place. Allow yourself to broaden your identity, and approach your life with more optimism.


Your perspective on life changes everything. You may find that you are thinking about yourself and your circumstances differently than you were just months or years ago, and in turn, are expressing yourself differently. It is time to allow yourself to adopt new methods of thinking and speaking, and to allow more people in on your inner workings.


Your confidence is on the rise. It is time to use and cultivate a different set of skills, and to start making money it from too. It could be hard to say goodbye to an old income source that is familiar to you. But you are not a one trick pony! You have a lot of things you can do that will take you far and introduce you to many new people in the process.


A new year, a new you! It is time to put the person you were five, 10, or 15 years ago to rest. You are no longer that person, and you never will be again. Instead, you are becoming someone better! Believe it, and embrace it. Your life will go in a better direction as a result. And your career looks like it is about to get exciting as well that may result in new adventures.

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