The 5 Best Sex Positions for Cancer

By Maressa Brown

On January 3, 2019

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The 5 Best Sex Positions for Cancer

It’s time to turn up the temperature with the best sex positions for Cancer. The fourth sign of the zodiac, water sign Cancer—born between June 21 and July 22—is known to be emotionally giving, compassionate, and sentimental. The Crab usually brings this caring, generous nature into the bedroom, where they’re big fans of pleasuring their partners, sometimes going so far as to prefer giving over receiving.

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Ruled by the maternal moon, Cancers also love snuggling and prioritize foreplay, enjoying sensual touch and kissing almost as much as lovemaking. But the cardinal sign isn’t only about soft, slow, romantic sex. But don’t get it twisted: Crabs may love slow, soft, romantic sex, but they also enjoy getting playfully rough and taking charge. In fact, the term “affectionately dominant” was probably created by or for a Cancer! The catch: Because the Crab’s emotions reign supreme, they can go from being the most enthusiastic lover to full-on self-isolation if they’re feeling cranky or blue.

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Here, five sex positions that will fire on all cylinders for an adoring Cancer, and check out all the best sex positions for every other zodiac sign here.


Best Sex Positions for Cancer

How you do it: This standing sex position might be a bit athletic for some couples, but offers a fun challenge for go-getter Cancers. The giver and receiver stand face-to-face and the receiver throws her foot onto the giver’s thigh line, wrapping one arm around her neck and with the other, directs her partner’s neck to her breasts. Holding her partner’s leg around her thigh, the giver can lean forward and kiss, caress, lick her partner’s breasts (the ruling anatomy of Cancer) during standing penetration.

Watering Can

How you do it: A variation on cowgirl/cowboy, watering can requires the receiver sit on top of the giver, facing him. The difference here is that the receiver wraps her hands around her partner’s neck, pressing her body against his. The giver can place his hands on his partner’s booty or back. This position makes it possible to indulge in lots of intimate eye contact and deep kissing, both of which Cancers love.


Best Sex Positions for Cancer

How you do it: Cancers tend to love pleasuring their partners with oral sex, so this list wouldn’t be complete without a fun position for them to do that in. An ideal shape to take during cunninglingus, the giver sits on his legs facing his partner. The receiver lies down with her booty on top of her partner’s knees, her legs on either side of his hips. From there, the giver can pull the receiver’s pelvis up toward his mouth, cradling her behind as he goes down.

Mutual Masturbation

How you do it: Cancers may be all about sensual touch, but sometimes the absence of touch—and only being able to watch their partner touch themselves—is just as hot. This position is also a fantastic one to try in the shower or bath, one of the water sign’s favorite places to get it on.


Best Sex Positions for Cancer

Although Cancers prefer the intimacy of positions that allow for eye contact, this rear entry position may make up for it by being super-sensual allowing for lots of breast or chest touching and neck kissing. Both giver and receiver kneel, the receiver’s back to the giver in a spoon-like position. The giver’s legs should be between the receiver’s legs, and the giver can wrap one arm around his man’s neck as the giver penetrates the receiver from behind.

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