How To Make Being Alone Suck Less On Valentine's Day, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

By Amanda Lauren

On February 12, 2019

In Astrology

How To Make Being Alone Suck Less On Valentine's Day, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Being single on Valentine’s Day is a challenge for every sign. Love is everywhere and there’s no way to avoid being reminded of what you don’t have. But this day doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or something you are desperately trying to avoid. Use this day as an opportunity to embrace non-romantic love and passions. Channel that uncomfortable energy into something good for yourself or others.

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Remember that everything today is a choice. Don’t think of Valentine’s Day as something you need to get over or through. See the opportunity you are gifted. Plan in advance and make the day a celebration of the gifts your sign has been given.


The headstrong ram can feel very negative and get jealous on Valentine’s Day. So, sit this one out. Instead of spinning in your head and wonder why you’re single or cruising social media profiles of former lovers—focus on yourself. Try a new fitness class and get out the aggression. Less active Aries should consider watching Tidying Up With Marie Kondo and spark your own joy by re-organizing your dresser drawers.


Be gentle with yourself, Taurus. This sign likes being in their comfort zone and Valentine’s Day can be anything but comfortable. Taurus gravitates towards anything luxurious, so indulge freely. Book a spa treatment. Whether it’s a deep tissue massage, mud bath or a simple facial, treat yourself without so much as a twinge of guilt.


Gemini is great at communicating and having fun. And boy do they love a party. So, don’t sit at home and wallow! Gather a friend or two and hit up a singles event. The worst-case scenario is that you have a great time! The best-case scenario is finding the love of your life. Be open to the possibilities.

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Cancer is an emotionally intelligent and creative sign. They’re also intuitive, but also have a tendency to gravitate towards negativity. Invite friends to a ceramics or art class, maybe one that serves wine. Instead of focusing your emotions on the relationship you don’t have, spend the evening mindfully creating something beautiful or finding a new outlet to express yourself.


Leo is the sign of leadership. When they roar, the crowd listens. Organize a Galentine's Day night at home. Put some tasty apps in the oven, get plenty of sparkling rosé and have a party. Everyone will forget about being single and enjoy an evening of fun and friendship.


Virgo is type-A. They’re hardworking, smart, and goal-oriented. On the flip side, they can be very critical and self-pitying. So a single Virgo should do something that benefits others on Valentine’s Day. Volunteer for an organization that has personal meaning to you. Or take some alone time for a good cause like cleaning out your closet and donate the clothing that you no longer wear to a local shelter.


Being single on Valentine’s Day can send balance-seeking Libra off kilter. It’s best to do something that helps creates balance and avoids conflict like a meditation workshop. Another option is to hit up a local yoga studio to balance both the body and mind. Get in touch with your highest self.


Scorpio is intense and has a unique energy that can be misunderstood by others. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to direct that energy inward and take time out for self-reflection. Journal, write poetry, or schedule an appointment with a therapist, life coach or any kind of counselor. Anything that connects you to your best self is a win.


This outgoing sign is adventurous and sophisticated. Bring a friend or two to a local museum or gallery and check out that new art exhibit. Or go see an interesting documentary in the theatre. Any kind of cultural activity will make this day feel satisfying.


There’s nothing that Capricorn loves more than accomplishing things. So, give in! Stay late at the office. Or go home and finally finish that DIY project that has been in its final stages for a month now. Even consider starting your taxes. End the night feeling like you’re getting ahead or meeting some sort of goal.

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Aquarius likes good conversation and getting deep. They’re also particularly plagued by feelings of loneliness. So, single Aquarius should take the plunge and go out on a date, perhaps with someone new. It doesn’t have to be anything extremely formal. A quick coffee or 5:00pm happy hour is ideal.


Pisces really likes romance, so this day has the potential to feel terrible. But, there is an easy remedy for this! Swim in your own intuition and redirect it into benefiting others. Go to dinner or drinks with some friends and be the wing woman. Uniting others will make you feel good. Play Cupid, darling fish!

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