July 2021 - Tiger native, the month of July brings some stress when it comes to making something official. You might have all the paperwork done, or perhaps you’ve finished your novel but are hesitant to upload it.

The yin wood Goat month begins on July 6, and over the next four weeks there's an emphasis on being a good member of the community. Even though you value your independence, this is a good time to step up as a helpful neighbor or get involved in city government. You can make some really beneficial connections at this time.

The new moon is on the ninth, and you seem to be taking stock of your personal belongings. You may have been bitten by the minimalist bug and want to get rid of all the excess. It's possible you're moving in the next few months and want to lighten the load. Selling off extra stuff can bring some extra cash.

The full moon is on July 23, and others may compliment your generosity if you’re doing some lecturing, writing, or teaching. You could be helping a new co-worker learn the ropes. You also could be doing some summer tutoring for younger relatives.

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