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For Scorpio
Be at your healthiest with this detox plan, Scorpio...
Posted by Lola Stinger on February 16, 2017
I feel amazing! I just finished detoxing and want to share my plan with all of my Scorpio friends. For a whole week...

I said:
No coffee
No meat
No sugar
No carbs
No soda or alcohol
No processed or canned foods

I said yes to:
All fruits
All vegetables
Herbal teas
Tons of water
Chlorophyll water
Aloe water

It was hard, but the results are worth a try. Talk about being what you eat. My skin and hair are super soft, my digestive system rebooted and my immune system got a boost. If you do this every six months, you will feel superb.

Extra tip: Listen to your body. If you are one of those Scorpios who work out hard, consider taking a break while you detox. Go for short walks or do restorative yoga or yin yoga instead.
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