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For Aquarius
What type of innovator are you, Aquarius?
Posted by Wade Waverly on January 18, 2017
Everyone knows Water Bearers are the most innovative in the Zodiac. So, what type of innovator are you? Learn more about how that makes you special!

Researcher: You thrive in situations where you can scour facts, look up ways to do things, gather information, and come up with the best tried-and-true concepts. You may not be sure about the result, but you're a pro at trial and error, until you succeed. This takes great patience and intelligence, ala Albert Einstein.

Sustainer: You already have all the information and tools needed to get the job done at your disposal, because you've acquired so much experience and expertise in your years. People come to you for advice, and you rarely, if ever, let them down. You have a lot of friends and are the go-to colleague at work -- like what Steve Jobs did for Apple.

Disruptor: This might sound bad, but it's far from any negative connotation. You're the one who comes up with new ways of doing things when the old way doesn't work so well anymore. So, in a way, you shake up the system. Others may be apprehensive or downright opposed to your ideas at first, but they come around. You are an early adopter - always the first to get into a trend. Innovation is literally dependent on you.

Revolutionary: Your type of innovation is quite simple - the other three types come to you when they have run out of ideas. You think on your feet and ideas come to you like visions or bursts of brilliance. You're a surprise genius - one others rarely suspect know as much as you do. That's a very sly talent!
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