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For Scorpio
Why everyone wants Scorpio as part of their team...
Posted by Lola Stinger on June 23, 2016
You know it's true. Every time certain activity requires "teaming up with someone", some, or at least a lot of those awkward looks go to you looking for an affirmative reaction. Yes, they want you on their team.

Can you blame them for it? Well of course not, everyone knows having you on their side means gold status.

In any school or work related competition, they know you won't let them down; they've seen you nailing every project by fiercely getting to the heart of the matter. In any board or strategic game, your moves are slow and quiet, but determined.

Being the most resourceful sign helps you when planning an offense strategy in which you secretly figure out your contender's tactics. Lastly, if all of a sudden your team becomes the pray, you're fast, sneaky, and you will sting. They better watch out, if you're not on their team!
For Pisces
Posted on June 21, 2016
Vague and sometimes elusive, it can be hard to describe a Pisces. What gives us away is that soft and enigmatic vibe we exude, which makes others feel so comfortable around us and sometimes fall for... More »
For Sagittarius
Posted on June 21, 2016
Dynamic Sagittarius is known for making big leaps. They take risks more than other signs, and seldom worry about how or where they'll land. You're just lucky that way.

While your optimistic... More »
For Aquarius
Posted on June 17, 2016
The Tarot is a very powerful fortune-telling tool, with some good cards and some bad cards. You, dear Aquarius, have a very good card associated with your sign. The Star! Look at the card itself –... More »
For Capricorn
Posted on June 17, 2016
Capricorns don’t like to brag... in fact, they are often very hard on themselves. And why? With so many reasons to love yourself, I wanted to point out just five that you should remember, repeat,... More »
For Capricorn
Posted on June 17, 2016
Capricorns are overachievers, and why shouldn’t we be? We can pretty much always improve, even on improvements. So, here are a few simple ways to be even more awesome...

1. Try something new... More »
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