Love and Sex Quizzes

What's your love flaw?

Are you a winner or loser in the game of love? Whether you're addicted to it or afraid of love, this quiz sizes up your flaw in matters of the heart. For each question, select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. How many times have you been in love?
 a. What is this ''love'' of which you speak?
 b. Once or twice.
 c. At least three times.
 d. Umm... I've lost count.
2. Love makes you feel:
 a. Nervous and lost.
 b. Exhausted and broke.
 c. Perfect, invincible, and godlike.
 d. Content and open.
3. What would you rather do on a first date?
 a. Meet my date's friends and/or family.
 b. Hang out together with a group of friends.
 c. Something fancy and expensive.
 d. Something low-key, like coffee or a walk.
4. Soul mates are:
 a. A type of footwear... right?
 b. Two people who are meant for each other and no one else.
 c. A wonderful possibility.
 d. Do people really believe that stuff?
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