Zodiac News: Work & Money

For Libra
How Libras can support their lifestyle by freelancing...
Posted by Justin Scalia on May 20, 2016
Is your love of luxury putting a bit of a strain on the pocketbook? If you're indulging in a few too many haute meals and sparkly baubles, maybe it's time to boost your earnings.

Perhaps you excel at editing, accounting, art, or music. You might be able to put those talents to work and moonlight as a freelance teacher, CPA, or copy editor.

You have a long list of successful people in your contact list. Your network is one of your best advantages. Always remember to make use of it while searching for freelance job opportunities.

If you're ready to make a start, check your chart first. Don't launch a business or new moneymaking venture if your ruler Venus is retrograde. Otherwise, give it a try!
For Aries
Posted on May 20, 2016
You want to be in the action. Intelligent and hardworking, you have lots of ideas you want implemented yesterday.

"Just did it!" could be your motto. You trust your judgment (if only others... More »
For Sagittarius
Posted on May 17, 2016
Pressure doesn't faze Sag. You have no trouble seeing a task to completion, especially if the fate of the universe hangs in the balance. Or only if the fate of the Universe hangs in the balance.... More »
For Sagittarius
Posted on May 11, 2016
The first entrepreneur was probably a Sagittarius. The very word means adventurer! You feel stifled by bureaucracy and rigidly structured organizations. You want complete freedom to call the shots.... More »
For Leo
Posted on May 6, 2016
It takes lots of money to support you in the style to which you've grown (or want to grow) accustomed.

Nothing is too good for you, and you'll spare no expense to buy what you need or want.... More »
For Aquarius
Posted on April 29, 2016
A working partnership could be the perfect job situation for Aquarius. You relate best to others on an intellectual level, and a relationship that omits all the messy emotional stuff seems ideal!... More »
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