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For Gemini
These are the best college majors for Geminis
Posted by Tamas Hyde on September 29, 2016
Whether you’re in school now or planning to start (or go back), Geminis are lucky in that they will excel in anything they are really into and can stick with. But if you’re on the fence, consider these college majors...

1. Software engineering. This booming field is a smart bet. Got ideas for a cool app? This degree can make that a reality.
2. Mass media/new media. Become a social media manager or online content developer.
3. Training and development management. You will oversee programs that benefit others via learning. You’ll have a diverse range of projects and people to oversee. You’ll get to come up with new approaches and communicate your ideas to a lot of people.
4. Advertising. Want to be a Mad Man/Woman? You’d be great conceptualizing ads and keeping up with market trends.
For Capricorn
Posted on September 22, 2016
Hardworking Capricorns can succeed in any area of study, but there are certain college majors better suited to Sea Goats. If you have to choose a major, consider one of these:

1. Engineering.... More »
For Libra
Posted on September 22, 2016
Libras often feel cooped up in a boring classroom, but LOVE the social aspects of college. Still, you can succeed beyond your wildest dreams if you select your perfect college major. These are meant... More »
For Scorpio
Posted on September 22, 2016
You are often seen as one of the most competitive signs out there, but unlike Aries or Leo, you are an individual who enjoys self-competition more than competing against others.

In every... More »
For Pisces
Posted on September 21, 2016
Perhaps more than any other sign, Pisces can be sensitive to the pool in which you swim. Your surroundings affect you deeply, as do those subtle vibrations you pick up from people and objects.... More »
For Cancer
Posted on September 16, 2016
Some experts rank emotional intelligence as one of the most important qualities in a career - as important as intellectual ability or technical skill.

Emotional Intelligence encompasses... More »

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