Zodiac News: Work & Money

For Virgo
This is what you need to do with your money Virgo...
Posted by Tristan Styles on October 26, 2016
You manage your money well. You question every purchase - especially big ones - to make sure it fills a practical (or fun) need. Your caution keeps you debt free.

Generous to others, do you extend the same benevolence to yourself? Buy yourself a reward now and then. It doesn't have to be expensive!

That bigger-picture view that can help you find love can also work with finances. Treat yourself well to have bigger, better prospects.

You have the nickels and dimes under control. Now look ahead a decade or more. Do you have an emergency fund? Retirement account? It's never too early to start saving for your future. Invest in YOU.
For Scorpio
Posted on October 20, 2016
Mixing work with friendship, or even love, definitely works for some folks. Unfortunately, not so much for you, dear Scorpio.

You must be thinking: "But I'm such a good friend, and I'm a... More »
For Cancer
Posted on October 20, 2016
Cancer natives are not only lucky, we are incredibly smart. Highly, compassionate, sensitive and creative; we are also very good with dough!

Security is incredibly important for a Cancer... More »
For Virgo
Posted on October 14, 2016
Virgo is sometimes unfairly known as the pickiest of signs. But people say that like it's a bad thing!

When it comes to your working life, being a little picky is a decided benefit. You're... More »
For Gemini
Posted on October 14, 2016
Since you're such a natural-born communicator as a Gemini, you have an advantage over other signs.

You're great at using your skills to get ahead in your workplace, through networking groups,... More »
For Pisces
Posted on October 13, 2016
You work hard and well in jobs you care about deeply. You're a dreamer who thinks about the way things should be rather than the nuts and bolts of corporate machinery.

Some Pisces aren't well... More »

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