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For Pisces
Your adaptability is your weapon, but...
Posted by Dalia Fisher on January 18, 2017
You adapt easily to the shifting currents in the work world, which is a good thing. But maybe you adapt a little too easily?

In meetings, for example, do you go along with whatever the group wants rather than state your own opinion?

You might think you're being generous and saving everyone time, but sometimes bad decisions get made because one person didn't have the courage to swim against the stream and offer an important, possibly contradictory, idea.

Blowing every way the wind goes (or current flows) can make you seem wishy-washy. Let your voice be heard!
For Aquarius
Posted on January 17, 2017
As an Air Sign, Aquarius needs to be using their intellect to solve problems. It's just part of your makeup to think a lot. If you have a job that lets you do this, congratulations! You're well on... More »
For Capricorn
Posted on January 17, 2017
With how much time Capricorns spend on their work, it seem natural that you might fall in love (or at least lust) with someone you work with. But should you act on your attraction?

Honestly,... More »
For Taurus
Posted on January 17, 2017
Peace-loving Venus rules your sign of Taurus, so you want to impress others. Sure, you have great qualities, but if they only knew how much you could offer, they'd probably make you the CEO - sound... More »
For Taurus
Posted on January 12, 2017
Taurus doesn't like to take sides in an argument, due to their Venus ruler. You may sometimes become the person your co-workers come to when they want a dispute ironed out, or be the voice of reason... More »
For Aries
Posted on January 11, 2017
You're a live wire, a mover and shaker, the Energizer Bunny on speed. You've been in your job for what - a week, month, half a year - and you haven't been made vice president yet? What's wrong with... More »

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