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For Taurus
Taurus megastar The Rock is the Sexiest Man Alive!
Posted by Devin Bullock on December 5, 2016
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been dubbed 2016's Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine. And it's no surprise... another Taurus (David Beckham) won the coveted title last year! Guess Taurus really is the sexiest sign. So there, Scorpios!

The Rock got his start as a WWE superstar wrestler, and now he's achieved big-time fame as an actor and producer. As a strong-willed Taurus with his Moon in productive and competent Capricorn, he'll no doubt keep working until he reaches his desired level of success. And we all know success is sexy!

He also has a sweet, sensitive, silly side - which his 10 million social media followers are well-acquainted with. So, are you a fan of The Rock? What do you think of their choice??
For Pisces
Posted on November 18, 2016
Poor Victoria Justice. This Pisces native and Disney star attends red carpet events all the time, looking crazy cute and glamorous. But sometimes, weather and other factors don't cooperate. At this... More »
For Sagittarius
Posted on November 16, 2016
Though nearly everyone's got to start at the bottom, backing up Brett Favre for three years isn't a bad way to get into the NFL.

Aaron Rodgers has racked up the accolades since his college... More »
For Scorpio
Posted on November 16, 2016
Independent, fearless, and ambitious, the Scorpio man doesn't mess around, and someone you do not want to mess with! He is the type who sees the world in black and white and no shades of gray... More »
For Libra
Posted on November 16, 2016
High School Musical may have put heartthrob Zac Efron on the map, but he's clearly more than just a pretty face... or bod.

He's moved away from the Disney roles that made his career to appear... More »
For Pisces
Posted on November 15, 2016
Pisces celebs never let a day go by when they're not thinking about how to get their creativity into the world.

Your fellow sign mate Daniel Craig may be famous for playing James Bond. But in... More »

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