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This Sagittarius isn't ready to settle
Posted by Elissa Perri on September 21, 2016
From the very beginning, it was pretty obvious how this story was going to end. After only three months of going hot and heavy, sexy Sag Taylor Swift has decided to call it quits with Aquarius Tom Hiddleston.

As a mega talented singer songwriter, Swift is clearly not ready to take their relationship to the next stage. She has too much good stuff going on in her life to tie herself to a serious relationship with someone who is way older than her.

Sags need freedom in order to thrive, and Tom decided he wanted kids with Taylor when they were barely even going out for a month. Crazy! It's pretty clear he doesn't get her on so many levels. But we can't really blame him. Who wouldn't want to snatch the cutest and most talented globe trotter? And as far as she goes, now she's got tons of material for her new album as breakups are her juicy specialty!

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