Love and Sex Quizzes

Are You A Master Of Seduction?

Do you have the sultry moves to turn anyone on, or could you use a lesson in lust? Select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. When you go on a date, do you wear perfume or cologne?
 a. No. I like my natural scent.
 b. Just a little touch in a place like my wrists or behind my ears.
 c. A few sprays, yes.
 d. Only if I don't have time to shower.
2. Do you have the sultry moves to turn anyone on, or could you use a lesson in lust?
 a. Let's get naked.
 b. I want you now.
 c. Do I look fat?
 d. Do you like me?
3. You're parting ways with your love interest. How do you walk away?
 a. Quickly and with purpose.
 b. Slowly, then you turn and give a little smile.
 c. You are a bit clumsy and might stumble. You're nervous after all!
 d. You keep turning around and waving.
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