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Born at the end of Aquarius? Learn more about you...
Posted by Wade Waverly on February 12, 2016
Do you ever feel like you don’t quite fit some of your sign’s characteristics, while others are spot-on? Me too! Let’s face it, Sun Sign personality traits can be a bit broad. After all, how can ALL people born in the 30-day period of Aquarius be totally alike?

While uncommonly used these days, there are 10-day blocks called “decans” that help decode your sign more specifically. I researched and here’s what I learned about Aquarians born in the final 10 days (Feb. 10-19):
• You’re the most refined, sophisticated, and sociable of Aquarians. You love collaborating with others and have many friends. Basically everyone thinks positively about you. You have a magnetic, reassuring charm.
• Your humanitarian compassion is amplified. You are a champion of the people, especially those less fortunate. You are idealistic and determined to help the world.
• You can be a little materialistic and self-focused at times, even in endeavors to assist others. Being a fashion designer, politician, or playwright/poet/author are right up your alley.

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