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Posted by Wade Waverly on February 12, 2016
Do you ever feel like you don’t quite fit some of your sign’s characteristics, while others are spot-on? Me too! Let’s face it, Sun Sign personality traits can be a bit broad. After all, how can ALL people born in the 30-day period of Aquarius be totally alike?

While uncommonly used these days, there are 10-day blocks called “decans” that help decode your sign more specifically. I researched and here’s what I learned about Aquarians born in the final 10 days (Feb. 10-19):
• You’re the most refined, sophisticated, and sociable of Aquarians. You love collaborating with others and have many friends. Basically everyone thinks positively about you. You have a magnetic, reassuring charm.
• Your humanitarian compassion is amplified. You are a champion of the people, especially those less fortunate. You are idealistic and determined to help the world.
• You can be a little materialistic and self-focused at times, even in endeavors to assist others. Being a fashion designer, politician, or playwright/poet/author are right up your alley.

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