2017 Vedic Astrology Forecast: Reaching Higher

Vedic Astrology, as opposed to the Western or "Tropical" Sun Sign Astrology featured in mainstream/traditional horoscopes, uses a Zodiac that is astronomically more precise. Some argue it is more accurate because it deals with the present cosmic alignments. For those concerned about the supposed "13th sign" - you can rest assured because the Vedic system takes precise cosmic shifts into account. Western Astrology uses a Zodiac that is based more generally, on seasons.

None of this means modern Western astrology isn't right. They are just different systems, and you can decide which ones suits you best, or consider a balance of both. To determine your sign and obtain your detailed 2017 forecast, you can go to our partner, Astrocenter. Usually, your Vedic sign will be the one before your Sun Sign (so, if you are an Aries, you will be a Pisces Vedic sign). Here is a summary of what to expect next year, from the Vedic perspective...

Aries: If you've felt misunderstood in 2016, that gradually improves in 2017. Spring is a blissful, enlightening time. In the fall, creative activities lead to self-understanding. You will have good balance between your work and personal life. Personal integrity is your best asset in business deals.

Taurus: The year 2017 brings many beautiful people and things into your life as you expand on a deeper, personal level. Your love life gets a big boost in the fall. In your professional and financial life, you seem stuck at first, then things pick up in the summer.

Gemini: Your restless nature has already put you down many life paths. In 2017, you venture in more new directions. You are about to learn a lot through trial and error. Yes, the means some mistakes. They are necessary for your personal growth and ultimate success by the end of the year.

Cancer: As the offspring of the Moon, you show great fidelity and devotion. This serves you well in 2017. In your love life, you cast aside inhibitions for a passionate year. Be careful not to spend beyond your means, but if you do, you can find new ways to make money, especially in the fall.

Leo: The year 2017 promises to bring you many blessings in all areas of your life. You'll discover powerful spiritual exercises in the fall that put things in perspective. You make friends with people who show you the way to greater fulfillment, spiritually, romantically, and financially.

Virgo: 2017 will be a year of uncovering hidden influence, both unseen forces impacting your life and your personal power. The first half of the year will highlight your personal life. In your career and finances, you have two dry spells (March and September). Winter will be best for acquiring wealth.

Libra: 2017 will be a year of seeking balance in all areas of your life. You are going to meet an important mentor by December. January and July are intensely passionate, while June and November are more about serious love. You have opportunities for new wealth and possibly a new job late in the year.

Scorpio: Your intense personality will serve you well in 2017 in all areas of your life. You will learn valuable lessons early in the year, then you fill the teacher role. You can improve a key relationship. Work may be your biggest source of stress, but learning to deal with it makes you stronger.

Sagittarius: You're very introspective as 2017 begins, and by the summer your energy is amazing. Relationships will benefit by simple ground rules. By summer, you can reach a new step in the romance department. You have the power to make money or career gains in February and August.

Capricorn: Your practical nature has put you in a good place in life, as you do not have the same worries as those around you. This will be a surprisingly good year for love and passion. Your work and finances continue to be steady. Mercury helps you gain a new stream of revenue in February or March.

Aquarius: This year you can rid yourself of negative karmas from past lives, and find greater appreciation for the good things in your life. You may rekindle the romance in a relationship, for lasting success. Your finances can improve in February and there are promising career opportunities. Stay calm but proactive.

Pisces: The year 2017 brings you many opportunities for a more meaningful life. You'll question something major about your romantic realm. You will have to make some tough choices, but Jupiter will be there to guide you. In your career, you'll end one cycle and begin a new one at the end of the year.

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