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How your Chinese sign affects your Aquarius Sun Sign...
Posted by Wade Waverly on March 1, 2016
We’re in for a treat with Fire Monkey energy taking over now. And how fun is it to blend our Sun and Chinese signs together for a new spin on our personality? What’s yours?

Aquarius & Rat: Delightful Contradiction. You want superficial things but won’t live a conventional life... you acquire things in extraordinary ways.
Aquarius & Ox: Fierce Opponent. You’re an odd mix of being loyal to family yet needing to be solo.
Aquarius & Tiger: Trendy Eccentric. Others admire your style, but emulating it is nearly impossible.
Aquarius & Rabbit: Curious Explorer. You leave no path ignored nor no stone unturned along your way.
Aquarius & Dragon: Light-hearted Go-Getter. You want it all, and use a fun approach to your pursuits.
Aquarius & Snake: Optimistic Investor. You go after what you want with gusto... but only if there’s a very good chance of success.
Aquarius & Horse: Impulsive Innovator. You conjure up ideas no one else has, but don’t think them through as well as you sometimes should.
Aquarius & Goat/Sheep: Forward-Thinker. You’re often seen as a daydreamer because you’re usually thinking well beyond the present.
Aquarius & Monkey: Double Threat. This combo is super powerful. You basically can’t lose if you try to win.
Aquarius & Rooster: Smooth Rider. Ambitious, yes, but all in due time. You don’t force anything.
Aquarius & Dog: Heroic Helper. A true humanitarian, those you care about always come first.
Aquarius & Pig: Stormy Artist. Bold and adventurous, you let your heart rule. You live life to the fullest.

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