Love and Sex Quizzes

Are You Ready To Get Married?

Should you prepare to make that big commitment, or stay single for a while? For each question, select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. How many serious relationships have you had?
 a. One or two.
 b. Several.
 c. None.
 d. Too many to count.
2. If your partner has a bad habit, you:
 a. Convince him or her to break it.
 b. Encourage him or her to stop doing it.
 c. Don't care - no one is perfect.
 d. Tease him or her about it.
3. You prefer your dates to be:
 a. Spontaneous, and always fun and new.
 b. It depends on your mood - you can be happy just watching a movie at home, but sometimes you like going out to a nice dinner.
 c. First-class all the way - fancy dinner, dancing - the works.
 d. Low-key stuff like coffee, a walk, or hanging out with friends.
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Are You Ready To Get Married?
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