Personality Tests

What's your on-the-job persona?

Want to know how your colleagues see you? Find out your work personality! Select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. Your boss asks to see you in his or her office. You...
 a. Assume you're in trouble for something.
 b. Hope you're getting a raise!
 c. Figure he or she needs your help with something.
 d. Let your imagination wander about all the different reasons he or she might have asked.
2. Do you socialize with your colleagues?
 a. As much as possible! I visit their work areas to chat, go to lunch with them, and sometimes see them on weekends.
 b. I don't usually have time.
 c. Sometimes, for an occasional happy hour or break.
 d. No. I like to keep to myself, or they don't seem to like me.
3. You have a big project to tackle. How will you complete it?
 a. Ask for as much help as possible. It's all about teamwork!
 b. Get right to it, and put in overtime if necessary.
 c. Break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks, in order of priority.
 d. Put it off until the last minute.

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