Personality Tests

What Famous Dog Are You?

Find out what legendary canine companion you're most like... Select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. What sounds like the best way to spend a day off?
 a. Hiding out in my lair.
 b. Having an adventure - maybe mischief.
 c. Having a lot a fun!
 d. A day of pampering.
2. Go fetch!
 a. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! (and you run to go fetch and return)
 b. Depends on what it is.
 c. That's ridiculous. Bring it to me please.
 d. I'd rather chase you.
3. Pick a color.
 a. Yellow.
 b. Brown.
 c. White.
 d. Black.
4. How will you get your food?
 a. Hunt it down.
 b. It will be served to me in a dish at meal time.
 c. I will sniff around the kitchen and find something.
 d. Be relentlessly begging my owner, usually for whatever they are eating.
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