Personality Tests

The Body Language Test

Test your ability to read other's nonverbal signals. Select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. Someone is copying your movements (leaning forward when you do, looking where you look, laughing when you laugh, etc.). This person is...
 a. Trying to drive you nuts.
 b. Hostile toward you.
 c. Showing their interest or respect toward you.
 d. Wants to be like you.
2. When it comes to eye contact, if someone likes you, he or she will...
 a. Avoid it entirely.
 b. Act shy when you catch him or her looking at you.
 c. Calmly hold your gaze, and might squint a little.
 d. Stares intensely at you.
3. The person you're talking to is crossing his/her arms across his or her chest. This means...
 a. He or she is defensive.
 b. He is she is probably just cold.
 c. He or she wants to hug you.
 d. Nothing - it's just a common pose.
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