Love and Sex Quizzes

Is He a Jerk?

Find out if a man in your life is worthy of your kindness, or could use a piece of your mind! For each question, select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. Does what he says and what he does match up?
 a. Yes, he tries to live up to his promises.
 b. He says a lot of things but then does something entirely different.
 c. He is mostly talk and little action.
 d. He means well, but can't always do what he says he will.
2. Does he treat you different around different people and situations?
 a. Yes, he's so hot and cold!
 b. Yes, but he's just being situation-appropriate.
 c. No - and I wish he'd have more manners and try!
 d. No, he's consistent and kind.
3. What emotion does he make you feel toward him most often?
 a. Anger.
 b. Happiness.
 c. Desire.
 d. Frustration.

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