Personality Tests

How Jersey Are You?

Could you be the next big thing to come out of Jersey, or is a guido never going to grace your photos? Select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. How often do you go tanning or use self-tanner?
 a. Never.
 b. Every week.
 c. Just before a special occasion or vacation.
 d. As often as needed to maintain a healthy-looking glow.
2. How revealing are your clothes?
 a. I don't show much skin at all.
 b. I like to bare a little leg or chest.
 c. I show off my best assets.
 d. Very - I love to show off my cleavage, chest, butt and/or legs.
3. How often do you get into fights?
 a. They happen often - I have to defend myself.
 b. Only when things get really nasty.
 c. I never fight.
 d. I have private arguments sometimes.
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