Chinese Sign: Rooster

Much-misunderstood Rooster is the tenth sign of the Chinese Zodiac. These people are complex. They appear very attractive and sure of themselves. Some are the strong, mysterious and silent types. Some are aggressively chatty. They can win you with charm or be your worst nightmare. Roosters leave little middle ground.

Roosters approach life is expansive. They have high hopes and a strong desire for success. They are willing to put in the hours and do the work that builds success in any area.

Under all that bluster is a very traditional person. They are good-hearted and mean only the best for others. Roosters are excellent workers and do amazing things with limited resources.

Rooster people believe they are always right. They believe it so strongly that they are convinced they must bring all others to their point of view. This can become tiresome in the extreme. Roosters love a good argument. They are blunt, honest, and will not worry about being diplomatic. Roosters need the energy they generate from debate.

If you want to be friends with a Rooster, you need to dive right in. Be prepared not the take things personally. This is someone who hates admitting they are wrong.
Perfectionist, resilient, courageous, passionate, protective, responsible, industrious.
Matthew McConaughey - November 4, 1969
Natalie Portman - June 9, 1981
Opinionated, blunt, conceited, rude, impatient, aggressive, bossy.
Yearly Elements
01/22/1909 to 02/09/1910 - EARTH
02/08/1921 to 01/27/1922 - METAL
01/26/1933 to 02/13/1934 - WATER
02/13/1945 to 02/01/1946 - WOOD
01/31/1957 to 02/17/1958 - FIRE
02/17/1969 to 02/05/1970 - EARTH
02/05/1981 to 01/24/1982 - METAL
01/23/1993 to 02/09/1994 - WATER
02/09/2005 to 01/28/2006 - WOOD
01/28/2017 to 02/15/2018 - FIRE
02/13/2029 to 02/02/2030 - EARTH
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