Chinese Sign: Rabbit

The Rabbit is the fourth sign of the Chinese Zodiac. Rabbits in China are a sign of longevity and are considered naturally lucky.

This sign is blessed by many wonderful and highly refined qualities. Rabbit people are gentle, gracious, kind-hearted, and value harmony and beauty. Their naturally diplomatic natures make them well suited to occupations working closely with other people.

At times, a Rabbit can be moody and distant. They are especially sensitive to negative or critical comments.

Socially, Rabbit people are wonderful hosts with an appreciation of all the nice things life has to offer. They prefer quality to cutting corners. They can be good friends who give excellent advice.

You will not always know what Rabbit is thinking. Under what can be flawless manners is a spine of steel and the ability to turn any situation to their advantage. They are good students, and better negotiators.

Although they appear to be a peacemaker, a Rabbit is always working to put their own interests first. They are not above being sneaky or manipulative to get what they want. What they want is comfort, peace, and personal security. With these values in mind, Rabbits generally have a very happy life.
Kind, sensitive, wise, astute, docile, thoughtful, refined.
Kate Winslet - October 5, 1975
Brad Pitt - December 18, 1963
Moody, detached, cunning, possessive, fussy, snobbish.
Yearly Elements
01/29/1903 to 02/15/1904 - WATER
02/14/1915 to 02/02/1916 - WOOD
02/02/1927 to 01/22/1928 - FIRE
02/19/1939 to 02/07/1940 - EARTH
02/06/1951 to 01/26/1952 - METAL
01/25/1963 to 02/12/1964 - WATER
02/11/1975 to 01/30/1976 - WOOD
01/29/1987 to 02/16/1988 - FIRE
02/16/1999 to 02/04/2000 - EARTH
02/03/2011 to 01/22/2012 - METAL
01/22/2023 to 02/09/2024 - WATER
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