Love and Sex Quizzes

Will Your Lover Cheat On You?

Can you trust that your mate will stay faithful, or might he or she already be playing the field? For each question, select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. How often do you catch him or her in a lie?
 a. Only once or twice.
 b. Never.
 c. Several times.
 d. You're not sure.
2. Your lover isn't returning your messages. It's probably because:
 a. He or she is busy.
 b. He or she is bad about follow-up.
 c. He or she hasn't seen them yet.
 d. Who knows!
3. When you're together, your lover:
 a. Is completely focused on you.
 b. Is easily distracted.
 c. Is focused on his or her own needs.
 d. Talks and listens, but takes in the scene, too.
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