Personality Tests

Are You A Good Person?

See how virtuous you are... Select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. How often do you volunteer, donate, or do a favor expecting nothing in return?
 a. At least once per month or when you see an opportunity to help.
 b. Never.
 c. When it's a really important cause.
 d. You wish you did more, but money, time, or other constraints make it hard.
2. Would you lie if you would benefit from it and no one would ever find out the truth?
 a. Depends on the situation. You wouldn't want to hurt anyone.
 b. Yes.
 c. No way.
 d. Maybe. Depends how you benefit.
3. An innocent person is being bullied. What do you do?
 a. Defend him or her, even if it puts you in danger.
 b. Defend him or her, but only if there's no risk of personal harm.
 c. Stay out of it.
 d. You might join in - hey, it's all in fun!

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