Personality Tests

Who Should Play You In Your Biopic? (female)

Find out which screen siren would best fill your shoes... Select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. You're more of a...
 a. Villain.
 b. Outsider.
 c. Best friend.
 d. Diva.
2. What facet of your life gets the most attention from others?
 a. Your relationships.
 b. Your looks.
 c. Your status, job, wealth, etc.
 d. Your unique personality.
3. Ever been in trouble with the law?
 a. Um... one teeny mistake, OK? Just one.
 b. A few minor run-ins.
 c. No. Never. Your record is squeaky clean.
 d. Many times. And so what?
4. Your legacy will be...
 a. Your humanitarian work.
 b. Your signature style.
 c. Your comeback from near-disaster.
 d. Your children.
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About Your Biopic. (female)
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What Sign Do You Attract?
Are you a true Virgo?
Are You Soul Mates?
Do You Gossip Too Much?
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