Astro and Oracle Quizzes

What planet rules your moods?

Take this fun quiz to find out what planet might be influencing the way you feel about life in general. Select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. At your best, you feel:
 a. Full of energy and active.
 b. Very laid back and going with the flow.
 c. Adhering to your predictable routine.
 d. Kind of naughty and rebellious!
2. At your worst, you feel:
 a. Unsure or unable to control things.
 b. Angry.
 c. Depressed.
 d. Guilty.
3. What kind of story do you like best?
 a. Romance or fantasy.
 b. Historical or educational.
 c. Biographies or adventures.
 d. Thrillers or dark tales.
4. When you see someone being cruel to someone else, you:
 a. Politely ask the tormentor to stop.
 b. Ignore it - life can be unfair.
 c. Pity the victim but stay out of it.
 d. Kick some butt!

Daily Planet Overview

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