Personality Tests

What kind of friend are you?

Are you the person others seek out for support, a laugh, or to keep them on their toes? Select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. When you go out with a group of friends, you are the:
 a. Funny one.
 b. Pretty one.
 c. Outspoken one.
 d. Center of attention.
2. When a friend calls you in distress, you:
 a. Sympathize with him or her.
 b. Give useful advice.
 c. Try to lighten the mood.
 d. Try to end the call -- and the drama! -- as soon as possible.
3. What are you most likely to loan a friend in need?
 a. Money.
 b. Clothes.
 c. A place to stay.
 d. A lover.
4. You meet most of your friends...
 a. On social networking sites like Facebook.
 b. At work or in school.
 c. Through family or other friends.
 d. When you are participating in activities or out in the world.

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