Love and Sex Quizzes

Is Your Relationship Doomed?

Are the two of you meant to stay together, or is a nasty breakup just a matter of time? For each question, select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. How often to you spend time together?
 a. It varies from week to week.
 b. Regularly.
 c. Seldom or never.
 d. You spend most of your time together.
2. What do you usually talk about?
 a. Anything and everything.
 b. A shared hobby or interest.
 c. Other people.
 d. News, weather - general small talk.
3. When you disagree, you:
 a. Have heated fights.
 b. Discuss the issue calmly.
 c. Ignore the problem - or each other.
 d. One of you always backs down to avoid conflict.

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