Personality Tests

What Is Your Life Rated?

If your life had a movie rating, would yours be child-friendly or adults only? Select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. What risky behavior would you try?
 a. Skinny dipping or streaking in a public place.
 b. Cheat or tell a big lie.
 c. Drive over the speed limit.
 d. Commit a felony.
2. You're invited to a ''naughty'' costume party. You:
 a. Dress up in something so revealing you have to cover up anywhere outside the confines of the party.
 b. Don't go.
 c. Wear something sexy but not too outrageous.
 d. Wear next to nothing and hook up with at least one person. You don't remember much the next morning.
3. How do you feel about violence in movies?
 a. It makes you sick.
 b. Fictional violence can be exciting, but you're not a big fan.
 c. It's thrilling.
 d. You love it - the more, and the more extreme, the better.

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