Love and Sex Quizzes

Are You Just Friends?

Is your relationship strictly platonic, or is it blossoming into a romance? For each question, select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. How many inside jokes do you have?
 a. Many. Just exchanging a look is like you can read each other's minds.
 b. None. Plus you sometimes don't even get each other's sense of humor.
 c. None. You don't actually know each other that well.
 d. A few, and at least one other person is in on them, too.
2. The thought of kissing or doing other intimate things with your friend...
 a. Makes you feel uncomfortable.
 b. Turns you on.
 c. Makes you nervous... maybe in a good way, maybe in a bad way.
 d. Grosses you out!
3. If your significant other (or, if you're single, pretend you have a steady mate) watched all of your interactions with your friend, he or she would probably:
 a. Not think anything of it.
 b. Feel a little excluded because you're so close.
 c. Be jealous.
 d. Confront you about the friendship, and maybe even break up with you.
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