Personality Tests

What Is Your Deadly Sin?

Which of the seven deadly sins are you most guilty of? Select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. Your best friend just landed YOUR dream job, with a nice salary. How do you honestly feel?
 a. Extremely happy for your best friend.
 b. So jealous that you're angry at him or her.
 c. You don't really care - good for your friend.
 d. Confused. You should have gotten that job.
2. You win an unlimited supply of your favorite food, which you can order every week. How much do you order?
 a. Way more than you know you'll eat. Hey, it's free!
 b. Exactly what you think you will eat every week.
 c. You limit yourself to a small quantity so you don't over-indulge.
 d. A little more than you think you need, so you can share it.
3. You meet someone you're very attracted to, but you're already in a relationship. What do you do?
 a. Flirt a little - it's harmless.
 b. Hook up eventually - the chemistry is too hard to resist.
 c. Let nature takes its course and see if it's meant to be.
 d. Nothing - this happens all the time. You're hot.
4. When someone gives you a compliment, how are you most likely to react?
 a. You aren't surprised - of course you're fabulous.
 b. You get really embarrassed.
 c. You ask for more details about it.
 d. You figure they are confused or teasing you.
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