Personality Tests

Are You High-Maintenance?

Is your life one big soap opera with you in the starring role, or are you amazingly down-to-earth? Select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. How long does it typically take you to get ready for a big event like a wedding or party?
 a. A few hours.
 b. Less than 30 minutes.
 c. About an hour.
 d. Days.
2. How often do you fight with your friends?
 a. Rarely, if ever.
 b. Pretty often, but it's rarely your fault.
 c. Regularly -- we are high-drama.
 d. Once and a while, when one of us is totally out of line.
3. You're out with a date or your partner and the bill arrives. You:
 a. Pay your half.
 b. Let your date pay for all of it.
 c. Offer to leave the tip.
 d. Pay the whole thing, or at least most of it.

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