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Beauty & Style
Simple tweaks to make you fresh and ready for spring...
Posted by Devin Bullock on March 25, 2016
Want to have a new look for spring, but don’t want to spend a lot (or any) money? Here are some simple tips from our resident fashionistas...

Ditch: Taming your hair into a different texture with heat or heavy styling products.
Try: A natural look, embracing your texture but styling it was cute barrettes, a hat, or a simple bun.

Ditch: Dark neutrals like all black or chocolate brown.
Try: Pastels and delicate prints, even if that’s just one article mixed with basic black.

Ditch: Fitted, structured, tailored everything.
Try: One fitted item, one flowy or baggy one. So, skinny jeans and a loose tunic, or wide trousers and a fitted, thin-knit sweater.
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