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Crab, your Valentine's weekend is looking pretty sweet…
Posted by Mary Clawford on February 12, 2016
My favorite holiday is here! All if not most Cancer natives are so into Valentine's Day because we just love all the romantic trims that come with it. Read on…

If you are single, you will have to put some effort into your love life if you want to have a good weekend. If you end up hanging around a secret crush, try waiting a little longer before telling him or her how you feel. Flirt, just do it softly, almost like if you wanted to confuse them. Cancer is the best sign at subdued flirting!

If you are in a relationship: This weekend, the Moon will be in Taurus, the other hopeless romantic of the Zodiac. Expect a weekend full of roses, hearts and poems. Cancer natives love all that sugar Valentine's rush. Your partner knows it well, that's one of the reasons why you are with them!
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