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Follow these trends before they get mainstream, Aquarius!
Posted by Wade Waverly on January 29, 2016
Be ahead of the curve, just where you want to be, by getting into these forecasted “it” things for 2016...

DIET: Forget matcha, dandelion beverages are the new it beverage. Teas and coffees are most beneficial and delicious to detox the body.

WELLNESS: Sound baths replace meditation as the cool way to get your Zen on.

MOBILE APP: Move over What’s App, Peach is here. It’s sorta of a text-Twitter hybrid. Only on iOS for now.

FASHION: Vintage florals on modern pieces. Think granny wallpaper on a mini skirt or big, bold retro leaves on a scarf.

BEAUTY: Embrace your hair in its exaggeratedly natural state. So, got a frizzy mop of curls? Fro it out. Stick-straight, limp locks? Stop forcing it into waves and spraying on volumizer. It’s you, and it’s beautiful.
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