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You will be secretly powerful in 2016, Aries…
Posted by Connor Ramsey on March 18, 2016
Things are looking real good for us Rams in 2016. Overall, what may look to be a calm quiet year on the surface, will actually hold great things happening behind the scenes.

During the next year, we will still be making our dreams come true, except that our power and great potential won't manifest so aggressive thanks to Mars, our ruler, spending so much time in secretive and bold Scorpio.

Love and friendship will be abundant and tender. If you end up running into less competition at work, don't think you're running behind, because what it really means is that your co-workers will be more open-minded and cooperative.

Nothing can stop the Ram in 2016, not even Mercury retrograde. The planet of communication retrogrades almost entirely in Earth signs, when not everyone will have the energy that we have.

For lucky Aries, big dreams are called for, so let's be inspired by letting new ideas and new people into our lives!

Read the whole forecast here.
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