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Kobe Bryant

Born: 8/23/1978 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Kobe is a basketball superstar. His Virgo Sun is a strong indication that he is one of the hardest working individuals around. Not satisfied until he completes each task to his idea of excellence, his Taurus Moon also contributes to his perfectionist attitude. His Venus in Libra shows that he tends to idealize his personal relationships just a bit, but despite his and his wife's fair share of problems, their marriage has withstood the test of time.
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Can Kobe Bryant's image ever recover?
Posted by Tristan Styles on November 4, 2014
Virgo native Kobe Bryant is a certified basketball superstar. He's weathered team conflicts with the L.A. Lakers, personality differences, major personal scandal, coaching changes and aging, not to mention injuries.

While Virgo natives are generally some of the healthiest people out there, due to their Mercury ruler, Kobe's years have been catching up to him lately. But after missing most of last season, Kobe's set out to help his team to have "the greatest comeback that the league has ever seen."

This, of course, begins with him. Combining an intense work ethic with plasma therapy on his ailing knees, he's making his best effort at a better tomorrow.

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