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Ellen DeGeneres

Born: 1/26/1958 - Metairie, Louisiana, USA
Ellen has worn many show business hats, getting her start as a stand-up comedian and working her way up to actress, TV host, and most recently a judge of the wildly popular American Idol series. Ellen is a perceptive Aquarius with her Mercury - the planet of communication - in persistent Capricorn, which makes her perfect in her role as host. And she's been well-rewarded - up to this point, Ellen has won twelve Emmys and numerous other awards for her work and charitable efforts, and her star is still burning bright.
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Is anyone more lovable than this Aquarian funny lady?
Posted by Wade Waverly on January 26, 2016
If there's a difficult choice to make, chances are an Aquarian is going to make it. They have to stand up for their beliefs, even if the consequences are less than ideal.

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres used her sweet and kind demeanor to become a popular stand-up act in the '80s and '90s. She finally scored her own television show, where she came out as a lesbian. For five years, her career suffered as she wondered if she'd done the right thing.

But she "just kept swimming" and with the advent of her talk show in 2003, she was back on a successful path, and free to be who she really is. She's been one of the most popular stars on TV (and voicing in animated movies) for two decades now!

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