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Sam Geppi

Sam Geppi

I'm a certified Vedic astrologer through the American Council of Vedic astrology, a certified level two instructor. I am the author of "The Ascendant - 108 Planets of Vedic Astrology", a best-selling Vedic astrology book. I am the main instructor for the AstroVed University of Vedic Sciences Certification program. I teach regularly at Western and Vedic astrology conferences.

You can email me with questions at samgeppi@universalastrology.net

Below is an interview that was conducted by AstroVed University.

How did you get started as a Vedic Astrologer?
Well, actually, my interest in astrology started about 30 years ago but it had more to do with an interest in spirituality. I started doing a lot of meditation when I was in my teens and early 20s especially. This gave me a real appreciation and connection to the mystical side of life. It is not until my late 20s that I began to study astrology formally. My astrology study was in addition to the spiritual work I had done, or you might say it was on top of it. So, the foundation of my astrology practice is that spiritual, mystical connection to the cosmos. Astrology simply shows the specifics of how energy takes form here on Earth. It shows the component qualities of our spiritual nature and how it evolves. 

What makes you so impassioned about Astrology?
When we understand astrology correctly, we realize there is nothing beyond its scope. Because astrology is simply the study of the Divine Universe which is creating everything. I mean, after all, what else is there but the Universe? Especially now, with all of the "Law of Attraction" stuff, people realize the connection between thought form and physical form. Everything that exists or will ever exist, exists in the Universe. Astrology is the study of that Universe which is creating everything. I think it's pretty awesome - and yes - I am passionate about sharing that with others! 

How can everyday people benefit from Knowing About Astrology? 
When we study astrology we are actually studying the living forces within each person and thing. Astrology is not something "up there," it is something "in here." Unfortunately, many people think astrology is hard to learn. It is not. To practice it at a very high level takes dedication. But the most important things to know about yourself and astrology are the easiest to learn. I've put together a series of free astrology class videos that explain these simple, yet profound, concepts to people. You can get FREE Astrology Classes by clicking the link   
I also have a busy counseling practice where I do many Astrology Readings

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