Mayan Sign: Reed

The thirteenth Day Sign of Mayan astrology, you are Reed. You are authoritative and determined. Once you set your mind on something, you make sure it happens. You are very wise, yet sometimes your over-confidence in your ideas can make you confrontational and difficult for others to get along with. You strive for peace and simplicity in your relationships, though. Problem-solving is one of your major focuses - you're a "fixer." Upholding morals and rules is also important to you, yet so is freedom. You feel others should live within their own comfort zone as long as they adhere to basic norms that promote overall harmony.
Alt Name: None
Mayan Name: Ben
Signifiance: Understanding
Direction: East
Gem: Turquoise
Color: Red
Friend: Jaguar
Foe: House
Supportive, Wise, Determined.
Cate Blanchett - May 14, 1969
Helen Hunt - June 15, 1963
Authoritative, Individualistic.
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