Mayan Sign: Flower

The final Day Sign is Flower (or Sun). You epitomize beauty and ideals. You can get your head lost in the clouds, dreaming about what could be and how you can make life better for all. You're the type of person others want to know, both platonically and romantically. People have high expectations of you because you hold great power. Focus on providing love and compassion to others, and don't give into pressure to be perfect. If you hold too strongly to your "best case scenarios" you will often find yourself disappointed or disappointing others. Live in the moment and worry less about the future - you are naturally giving a lot to the world as you are.
Alt Name: Sun
Mayan Name: Ahau
Signifiance: Flow
Direction: South
Gem: Rose Quartz
Color: Yellow
Friend: Crocodile
Foe: Dog
Affectionate, Loving, Creative.
Idealist, Delicate.

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