Mayan Sign: Eagle

The fifteenth Day Sign of Mayan astrology, you are Eagle. You love your personal freedom and want to explore different places, ideas, and people. You don't miss a single detail and tend to be a perfectionist. You are gifted with acute precision and patience - two qualities many signs struggle with. However, you keep a safe distance from others, so you may appear aloof and quite introverted. You lean toward technical fields like science, or mentally stimulating, philosophical studies. Beware of being overly stubborn and critical - a more laid-back, open mind will serve you and your relationships well.
Alt Name: None
Mayan Name: Men
Signifiance: Unity
Direction: West
Gem: Unakite
Color: Blue
Friend: Vulture
Foe: Serpent
Independent, Autonomous, Perfectionist.
Uncontrolled, Introverted.

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