Chinese Sign: Dog

Loyal, honest Dog is the eleventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac. They share many qualities with their canine companions. Dog people have a strong sense of justice and fair play. Genuine and unassuming, they are charming and magnetic in an effortless, down-to-earth way.

Dogs can be irritable, less than polite, and sharply argumentative if you cross any dearly-held principle. They also can be worriers, even on the alert to protect their families and those they love.

One's first impression is of an easygoing and friendly person with a casual, comfortable beauty. This is true. They can be stubborn, and make snap judgments, but this may not be obvious at first. Dogs like outdoor activities and having fun with friends. They are cooperative and easy going much of the time.

Dogs make wonderfully loyal friends. Straightforward and direct, they value personal integrity and have a strong sense of responsibility. A Dog can be surprisingly judgmental. People are either with them or against them. Like guard dogs protecting their home, Dogs are alert to assess new people. They are naturally suspicious. A Dog makes friends slowly. They will protect a friend's interests as if they were their own.
Amicable, unpretentious, reliable, persistent, resourceful, generous, honest.
Matt Damon - October 8, 1970
Kirsten Dunst - April 30, 1982
Worrier, stubborn, introverted, nosy, anxious, pessimistic, cynical.
Yearly Elements
02/10/1910 to 01/29/1911 - METAL
01/28/1922 to 02/15/1923 - WATER
02/14/1934 to 02/03/1935 - WOOD
02/02/1946 to 01/21/1947 - FIRE
02/18/1958 to 02/07/1959 - EARTH
02/06/1970 to 01/26/1971 - METAL
01/25/1982 to 02/12/1983 - WATER
02/10/1994 to 01/30/1995 - WOOD
01/29/2006 to 02/17/2007 - FIRE
02/16/2018 to 02/04/2019 - EARTH
02/03/2030 to 01/22/2031 - METAL
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