Personality Tests

Where Will You Be In Ten Years?

Find out where your life path is leading... Select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. When you set a goal you...
 a. Work toward it relentlessly until it's accomplished.
 b. Hope and pray you get it.
 c. Ponder how to achieve it.
 d. Often forget about it, fail to achieve it, or just give up.
2. What's the highest education level you've achieved?
 a. High school grad, now in college.
 b. High school diploma, GED, or less.
 c. College degree or professional certification.
 d. Advanced degree or certification.
3. What's your relationship status?
 a. Happily involved in a serious relationship.
 b. Happily single or casually dating.
 c. Miserable, whether alone or seeing someone.
 d. A mess - sometimes happy and in love, sometimes lonely and discouraged.
4. How do you generally respond to authority figures?
 a. You cower before them.
 b. You try to keep it as relaxed and friendly as possible.
 c. You want to join their club.
 d. You want them to cower before you.
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