Personality Tests

How Annoying Are You?

Do you drive people crazy with your inconsiderate ways, or get the prize for politeness? Select the answer that sounds most like you.

1. You're on public transit and receive a personal phone call. What do you do?
 a. Answer it, keep it brief, and refuse to talk about anything private.
 b. Silence your ringtone and let the call go to voice mail.
 c. Answer it and talk freely.
 d. Only take the call if it's someone you really want to talk to.
2. Which one of these vices are you guilty of?
 a. Gambling, slacking off at work, and/or being selfish.
 b. Smoking, drinking, drugs, and/or eating junk food.
 c. Swearing, poor manners, and/or being messy.
 d. I don't have any of these vices.
3. Something really bad or really good happens to you. Who do you tell about it?
 a. Your closest family and friends.
 b. No one.
 c. Your social networking, blog readers, and/or entire e-list.
 d. Friends, family, co-workers... people you interact with face-to-face.
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