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Let's face it - Leos get the last laugh!
Posted by Liona Shiner on March 1, 2016
Warmhearted, exuberant, sunny Leo, you're so cheerful! Other more somber types admire your ability to enjoy life in every way. It isn't something you can learn or fake. You either have it or you don't!

You're so restless that there's no way you'd sit still long enough to learn to meditate. But meditation has many benefits that you could be missing.

Here's some good news - laughter sparks the same brain wave patterns as those generated in experienced meditators! It's like being "in the zone" - you know, when you're so into an activity that you don't realize an hour has passed.

The effect is immediate, as soon as the laughter starts. So you can reap the benefits of meditation without all that "om-ing"? The Sun is smiling upon you!
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