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Love & Sex
If you're a single Taurus, this is what might be happening...
Posted by Devin Bullock on February 5, 2016
Frustrated that you can't seem to meet anyone you like - and who sticks around? Do some self-evaluation if you want to find love...

Are you too subtle? That cute guy or gal may need more obvious signals!
Are you too resentful? You could hold grudges long after the issue is past.
Are you too clingy? It could drive a partner away.
Are you too complacent? Don't take a partner for granted.
Are you too critical? Nagging never won any hearts.
Are you too rigid? A partner may not like being manipulated or molded.
Are you too insecure? It could make you possessive or jealous.
Are you too stubborn? Let your partner win sometimes!
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