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Dating a Taurus? You better have all these...
Posted by Devin Bullock on February 29, 2016
Are you thinking about dating a Taurus? If you have most of these ten qualities, you may have found your perfect match!

Honest Taurus must be able to trust you.
Romantic Taurus wants to be wooed.
Dependable Taurus needs to be able to count on you.
Patient Taurus hates "wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am" in bed.
Committed Taurus isn't interested in a one-night stand.
Well Groomed Taurus dislikes the sloppy, just-fell-out-of-bed look.
Financially secure Taurus doesn't like debt.
Faithful Taurus gets jealous easily.
Classy Taurus dislikes showoffs.
Foodie Taurus loves delish dishes!
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