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What, Scorpio? You should be a Taurus now?!
Posted by Lola Stinger on March 14, 2016
Yep, that's right, according to bestseller astrologer Joanna Martine's Scorpio, Sun Sign Series (a very interesting read btw), in order to feel completely fulfilled as a Scorpio, you need to tap into your astral alter ego, which is your opposite sign in the zodiac chart.

Taurus is the sign of money, possessions, values, and being grounded to earth. You share Taurus's need for a life of stability and security, but unlike the Bull, you get caught up in your intense emotions and let your complicated desires take control over you.

The truth might hurt, Scorpio, but you know perfectly how tight you hold on to a feeling, idea, person etc. By tapping into Taurus's practicality, sociability, and appreciation of beauty, you can actually open up more and avoid all the pain and obsession all those negative feelings cause you.

And just so you know, Taurus can mutually benefit from your awesomeness, but that, is another story...
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