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Beauty & Style
The surprising, time-saving way to get better skin...
Posted by Connor Ramsey on March 3, 2016
Busy, busy, busy - who has the time for a complicated, multi-step skincare routine? Not you! And those complicated products could be doing your skin more harm than good.

Natural plant-based oils gently clean skin, absorb quickly to help skin hold moisture, minimize fine lines, and soothe redness without synthetic ingredients or harsh exfoliants like scrubs, brushes, or peels.

Chia seed oil is packed with anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and wound-healing omega-3 fatty acids and more antioxidants than blueberries. And don't stop at your face. Massage chia seed oil into dry cuticles, elbows, neck, and lips, too!
Love & Sex
Posted on July 26, 2016
I am the kind of guy who is lucky enough to stay friends with his exes. Yes, I am a bragger for... More »
Posted on July 25, 2016
When are people going to start paying attention to their love compatibility? Apparently, mega pop... More »
Your Sign Rocks
Posted on July 25, 2016
Aries is famously ambitious. You refuse to accept limitations, and are determined to climb to the... More »
Work & Money
Posted on July 21, 2016
As the leader of the pack, Aries is the natural born leader of the Zodiac. That one person every... More »
Hot Topics
Posted on July 20, 2016
Valor may well be an Aries' middle name, since they rely on their courage all the time.

At... More »
Your Sign Rocks
Posted on July 19, 2016
How much do you know about your sign's constellation? There is so much you can find out about it... More »
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