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Breaking up with a Scorpio? Pay attention to this...
Posted by Lola Stinger on January 26, 2016
So you were going out with a Scorpio and things didn't work out? Everything will be OK as long as you do things right.

Be aware that even though Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, it's ruled by Pluto, the planet of endings. Once you decide to walk the break up path with a Scorpio, it's very unusual to turn back.

Getting closure is an important matter for them but it has to be done right, otherwise they might hate you forever or even look for revenge if you really end up breaking their heart.

Chances are they saw it coming so one of the most important things is to be completely honest (this includes not cheating on them); these folks are super intuitive and will spot a lie a mile away.

Show emotion, promise loyalty as friends if you feel like you can and want to stay friends, don't make them look bad publicly, and have one last - good and steamy - sex session. Not bad for a breakup!
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